Heal Me: A Poem


This is a long lost song and prayer found again….

I was living in Panama at the time of this writing. The group of us bright eyed and sun burned faces had just recovered from a near debilitating gastro-intestinal illness. It hand’t rained for months, and the clouds finally formed and rained down sweet water to our parched lips and dry garden beds. Little did I know what my life held in store at this moment in my life, nor how painful and challenging the actually continued manifestation of these words would prove to be. I am and will always be in it.

I remembered this song, the lyrics flooding back into my from a deep soul space as I ate soup with my partner this March evening, us rocking our over-tired newborn to sleep while he cried and let out the sweetest little noises of discontent. I love you Leo Rose.

I pray this serves the healing of our collective body in some small or large way. It is a prayer for healing. Enough said.


Heal me like the body renews itself, regenerates trillions of cells to return to health.

Fight infection like biodiversity.

Return to balance ecosystems of the body.

Heal me like the rain that’s been falling now, its been a while since I have seen those sacred clouds.

Let the water seep in through the cracks of the earth like the gasp of a child who has just been birthed…

Who is worth…

All of the awe struck moments, wonder filled learning all the courage, green fields, fertile seas, ability to choose peace.

But save me like an IV, pushed into the arm of a protester who might die due to her injuries inflicted by the police and show me justice please, because all I see’s the hopeless cold, dead eyes of the machine and it makes me feel crazy.

Can we reconnect to the pulsing, bleeding body of humanity? Where compassion is our sanity, do you feel me?

Blow my third eye opened wide like a child who has lived his life surrounded by pavement, caught by systems of enslavement finally in the wild.

For the first time, he see’s the eagles fly and the mountains lift him up and he feels held and loved as he rises above and there’s a tear in his eye… he’s been so afraid to show. But he whispers to himself…

Its ok that I don’t know.

I want to be brought to my knees breathtaken.

Show me that we have not been forsaken, and we have not forgotten our roots, cultivate new hope for the young shoots.

We will grow together through this changing weather, blessed to work until my clothes are tattered flags are battered, facing smiling, shining because together we are finding…

The ways we come alive as we revitalize the nature in which we survive, no longer hiding.

Because healing comes from our loved ones and the challenges we overcome and all of that bullshit that we learned from.

It’s mother’s milk to a dying baby, its the glimpse of a galaxy.

Let’s learn our true anatomy.


I will always love you as your brother and I will always stay true, always muster the strength to heal with these hands as I depend on and walk across these sacred lands.


I will always love you as your sister and I will always listen to the whispers of the wisdom that we opt out we copped out we stomped out its coming back through the cracks.

Perforating our minds like roots in the soil.

The knowledge is endless.

You show me this blessedness.

And we will defend this.

And we will defend this.

You leave me wordless.




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Restorative Ramblings

This is the container for the Written Word work of Restorative Ramblings, channeled and facilitated by the Father, Poet, Musician and Guide, Daniel Cherniske